The Band

If you would like to join our hard-working, positive and (most importantly) welcoming brass band, we look forward to hearing from both the experienced player and those looking for a new musical challenge and opportunity to grow in an environment where their playing will be encouraged and supported.


Matthew Ruel

Soprano Cornet

Kevin Edwards

Solo Cornet

Charlotte Hemsley, Thomas Thorne, Rebecca Devaney, Graham Netherton

Back Row Cornets

Jack Porter, Ella Smith, Tanya Winter, Oliver Williamson


Nigel Winter

Tenor Horns

Jacqueline Ruel, Philip Edwards

Euphoniums & Baritones

Michael Fowkes, Julia Bonewell, Robin Welch


Steve Cook, Mark Hawkins, Nigel Allery

EEb Bass / BBb Bass

Adam Steele, Emil Jonasson


Phil Davey