Musical Director

David Ruel

The band very much looks forward to performing at Challenging Brass on Sunday 28th October 2018.  Our player line-up for this competition is as follows:

Soprano Cornet

Matthew Ruel

Solo Cornets

Jack Porter, Hannah Mitchell*, Richard Marley*, Rebecca Devaney, [Guido Tomassetti]

Back Row Cornets

Graham Netherton, Ethan Cambridge, John Slattery, Eric Sutherland-Kempster, Jenni Lark, Ella Smith, Oliver Williamson [Philip Edwards]


Lesley Thomas

Tenor Horns

Emma Scicluna, Cheryl Heppenstall, Jacqueline Ruel


Michael Fowkes, Julia Bonewell


Robin Welch, Louise Lloyd


Chris Urwin*, Mark Hawkins, Ron Curtis

EEb Bass

Theo Leach, Keith Manning

BBb Bass

Thomas Gowers, Phillip Vanstone


Jack Thomas, Philip Davey

* Regular Guest Players & Friends of the Band

Paul Barker (Tenor Horn), George Boote (Soprano Cornet), Alan Clacey (BBb Bass), Graham Dearman (EEb Bass), Kevin Edwards (Soprano Cornet), Marc Edwards (Cornet), David Holmes (EEb Bass), Richard Marley (Cornet), Hannah Mitchell (Cornet), Matthew Paterson (Cornet), Simon Persin (Cornet), Andrew Thompson (BBb Bass), Chris Urwin (Tenor Trombone), Wayne Welch (Cornet)